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Fire Helmets

A good and approved fire helmet is essential for fire safety in the fireman's efforts.

Fire helmet is essential equipment for the fireman, as it protects the head against all conceivable obstacles and falling objects. With a visor and a neck protector, both the eyes and neck protected from foreign objects, liquids and sparks. Fire helmet ensures all fire's main area.

Lotek has a variety of customizable fire helmets, which ensure we can deliver, just the helmet you need. This ensures that the fire helmet is adjusted to supply the best
safety and comfort under the given conditions.

Lotekconsultants arespecially trainedin fire helmets and can give advise about and demonstrateallourproducts. I you wantto learn more aboutour fire helmets, you are welcome tocontact us bytelephoneor email.


Lotek A/S (Denmark),

Tlf. +45 70 13 52 00, 


Lotek AB (Sweden),

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Fire Helmets: