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Fire fighting suit

During the extreme conditions when fighting a fire the firefighters outfit is the only thing that separates the body from fire and high temperatures. The difference between good and bad equipment can be enormous for the effectiveness of efforts and may ultimately mean the difference between life and death.

A fire fighting suit includespersonalprotective equipmentthat protectsthe body againstfire, heat and the harshphysical conditions whichare the conditionsduring a fire. The fire fighting suit includeclothing, fire helmets, fire boots, fire glovesorothertypesoffireequipment that canincrease thefire's safety.

Lotekconsultants arespecially trainedin thefireman's outfit and can give advise about and demonstrateallourproducts. If you wantto learn more aboutour equipmentforfire fighting, you are welcome tocontact us bytelephoneor email.


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Fire fighting suit:

Fire-Fighter Suit