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Breathing Equipment (SCBA)

During the harsh conditions in a fire the effort of firefighting can be dramatically improved by using a self contained breathing apparatus. Breathing Equipment can also be specialized to support emergency escape from harzadous.

If the task is the to be effective during a fire fight with harzardous gases or just the escape the same fire without breathing complicatoins afterwards, Spiromatic 90U and Spiroscape are strong solutions.
Spiromatic 90U
Spiromatic 90 is an entry level breathing apparatus (SCBA) for fire fighting, excellent for industrial and maritime environments. Spiromatic 90U is build upon the proven and reliable. Spiromatic facemask/breathing valve and regulator, delivering Interspiro performance at a competitive price.
The facemask positive pressure eliminates inward leakage ofgases, vapours and liquids from the surrounding environment. Positive pressure is automatically activated by first inhalation and can never be forgotten or turned off by mistake.
Spiroscape is the first emergency breathing apparatus to overcome the practical limitations of demand and constant flow type systems. Interspiro Spiroscape mask and cylinder Spiroscape avoids the problems with unpredictable duration,
CO² build up and heavy cylinder weight. By utilizing a unique air delivery system Spiroscape limits CO² in the hood, minimizes the apparatus weight and provides the user with accurate escape duration.
Lotekconsultants arespecially trainedin Interspiro equipment and can advice about and demonstrateallourproducts. If you wantto learn more aboutour breathing apparatus, you are welcome tocontact us bytelephoneor email.


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